A marketing and consultation firm dedicated to helping authors and other creatives promote themselves and their work

Founded by author, A.L. DeLeon, A.L.Deleon Agency, LLC has served select clients with their needs in the world of authorship- whether that's helping them get their first book under their belt, plan out strategies to boost their overall visibility and reach those who love their work, or navigate all the details of searching for the right publisher.  

for more information please contact us at a.l.deleonagency@gmail.com

We also encourage you to check back here often for other upcoming announcements regarding new services, a short story magazine that's in the works, and a host of other exciting news we'll share here!

What others are saying about us....

April brings an experience, dedication, and talent to her work in such a way that I felt myself in truly capable hands. She is kind, yet thoroughly honest when she sees room for improvement, which is invaluable. She is a professional with a wealth of skills and the flexibility to tailor her offerings to specifically target the individual goals of her authors, while keeping everything realistic and achievable. A joy to work with!

-Elise Stephens, multi award winning author of Guardian of the Gold Breathers, Moonlight & Oranges, & Forecast

"April Gerard is an absolute pleasure to work with. Apart from possessing a wealth of knowledge in regard to the inner-workings of the publishing world, she is also a great all-around person dedicated to her family and clients alike. She is fully committed to the authors she represents, keeping all of our unique visions in mind while facilitating the marketing campaigns of her entire team. I don’t know how she does all that she does, but I can always count on April to push my work to the full extent. Whether it’s organizing giveaways, reaching out to prospective book bloggers, or securing author appearances, April builds the link between us authors and our readers. April’s professional philosophy is one built on the importance of authentic connection, and I feel fortunate to have connected with April prior to the launch of my debut novel."- Apollo Papafrangou, author of Wings of Wax

"April is a consummate professional. She doesn't say what you want to hear. She says what you NEED to hear. She is compassionate, loves her craft, and shares her experience with all aspects of the publishing business. April is great for writers to work with because she's a writer herself. She knows the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into a manuscript. She knows it's your baby, and she treats it that way".- Katherine Spina, Corporate writer by day & novelist by night