What is A.L.Deleon Agency?

A.L. Deleon Agency is a marketing and consultation firm that is dedicated to helping authors and other creatives promote themselves and their work.

What services do you provide?

Services include personal coaching and consultations, strategic long-term marketing plans, marketing management, and speaking.  If you don't see what you need here- please ask, if we can help we will. We usually request to read your manuscript, if you have one, before agreeing to work with you. This helps us to better help you know what your immediate needs are, as well as, your long term needs.

Why should I consider a long term marketing plan?

There are over 800 new books published every year, 1,000's of new music selections, and numerous artistic works available for the general public to purchase and/or engage with.  Because of those numbers, it's difficult to get yourself and your work seen and heard.  That's why a long term marketing plan that goes beyond the initial launch is so important, it helps you get your work in front of the people who will love what you have to offer and are most likely to share your work with others. It also helps you track your efforts and over time, lets you know what works and what doesn't for your particular product- whether it's books, music, or other art forms.

Are you a publisher?

No. We are not a publishing agency. Our Agency was founded on the primary goal of helping potential and current authors become better at their craft. We have since grown and now also include services for other creatives such as artists and musicians. We help you to brand yourself, develop and implement marketing strategies that serve your ultimate goals for your work. 

How do we contact you?

Please click on the contact us tab and provide us with your contact info and brief explanation of services you are interested in or any questions you may have. Unless we have an unusually high volume of requests in a given time period (which does occasionally happen) we respond to all inquiries within a 48 hour time frame. You may also email us directly at